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Jeep JK upper Ball Joints

This ball joint was an easy fix for us. The OE version was/is terrible. The nylon vertical bearings didnt last a year for any serious Jeeper. We use good nylon (the right acetyl) in many applications, but here it did/does not work. 

When this first OE design came out almost 25 years ago, we re-engineered it by removing the vertical nylon bearings and replacing it with FX-2005 bearings top and bottom. We moved the plunger away from the housing wall and we put grease groves in the bearings so the king pin style ball joint didn't hyrdaulic on an over-greased ball joint. Simple stuff. There are many other features that make this little beast industructible such as: SAE 1045 Solid Steel Forged Housings, Chromoly Ball Studs, Grade 10 Castle Nuts, CR Rubber Boots, Greasable, Induction Heat Treated Ball Studs. I could spend 15 minutes boring you on how we do our ball stud threads.....feel free to call if you would like to discusss....

Pink Jeep tours has been buying this ball joint from us for over 5 years. They were getting 12,000  miles on their top brand BJ's. We haven't had one returned in 5 years of 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, 8 person capacity driving, on robust off road trails. Another reason we are confident to offer a lifetime warranty....

Check this little work horse out at: BJ107