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Super solid construction

The drag link is very beefy. I bought it because of the heavier duty ball joints. My last aftermarket sets (both of them) lasted less than 6 months before becoming unbearably floppy. Hope these last longer.

Great customer service & fast shipping

Awesome product super fast shipping already installed. Made it to 80k miles on the JLU with 38s… it was time to beef up the steering. Wish you all made adjustable control arms 😢.

LW402 - Ninja Lock Washer - 1 1/4" - QTY 4
Rosmery Marte (Santo Domingo Este, DO)


Amazing hardware!

I picked up a set for my F350 to upgrade the Moog parts I had, what a massive setup! I am working on getting my truck ready for larger tires (38'') and doing some overlanding in our backroads of Arizona, I feel very confident with these parts not braking on me when I need them the most, get yourself a set, you won't regret it!

One ton drag link

Really glad I went with apex these guys are great to deal , the drag link fit and finish is one of the best out there You want some who's behind you on your build Go with APEX you will not go wrong

Jeep jk

Worked great

BJ162 - Ford Super Duty Track Bar Ball Joint


Absolutely amazing product

This kit is beefy

After searching for a heavy duty no nonsense steering kit for my ram 3500 that didn't have adjusting sleeves and used the standard rod ends that you would find from the local auto stores I discovered Apex... This kit is an absolute monster. The fact that you can adjust it on the truck with the spin of the tierod and drag link tube is a huge deal to me. Well done. This kit solves all the problems of the weak factory steering components with all the right stuff making for a simple install and solid steering feel. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an upgrade to the tiny soft underbuilt factory steering components. Give your heavy duty truck the heavy duty parts it deserves!

Jeep 2018

They are absolutely amazing
I couldn’t be happier

Well worth it

Knew my ball joints were bad but, wow the difference these made! Steering feels much better now, need to put a few more miles on. Very happy with the product

Absolute must

This is a top quality kit in not only quality, but it looks amazing in the jeep

Absolutely beautiful

After I put my 37’s on I started after awhile getting a small wobble when I would hit bumps. Once I replaced my stock tiered and drag link with the apex, it went away completely. Not to mention they look amazing!

Amazing quality

Top quality and performance!! So glad I went with Apex . Heard all the good feedback and decided to choose Apex for my Jeep ! It didn’t disappoint!

Apex only the best on my jeep

Awesome quality Clamp honestly this thing is built like a fallout bunker not much is gonna take it out so complete confidence on the trails no breaks or failures and it’s conveniently got 2 different bolt threads so you can mount multiple different steering stabilizers or rams really can’t get any better than that make sure to get yours when you get your new steering kit your jeep will thank you

If you don’t have this you should

Let me start by saying Apex has the best customer service hands down they are patient kind listen and take care of you and they actually sound like they want to talk to you 100 percent X 10 they are awesome had to give credit for this no other company has come close I have a top 5 list Apex is number #1 ok if your looking to upgrade your steering to the max and wheel without worry the 2.5 ton steering kit is your answer I personally chose the polished aluminum as it’s very nice looking and will hide scratches and scuffs when you take this bad boy out on the trails and also the ooohs and aaaahhhs you will get just goin to Firestone the tech was like this is the nicest steering kit I’ve ever seen not only that it’s the easiest to adjust and the ninja washers for the jam nuts just being able to add the word ninja on your rigs resume is enough of a selling point for me as for performance it’s amazing in fact I ran it for a day with out the steering stabilizer and it was amazing with this kit I have the confidence to tackle even the toughest trails so go add to cart and click purchase your jeep will thank you

Ram 2500

Parts were of good quality and heavy duty. Installation relatively easy and easy to adjust. Truck feels solid,

Apex Chassis Off-roading Tee
RC Offroad (Aledo, US)
Apex Chassis For The Win!!

Weather its top quality parts for your Jeep or beautifully crafted apparel, Apex Chassis is on another level! Get yours today!

TR118 - Tie Rod End (LWS) - 1 Ton
Andrew Little (Denver, US)
Amazing product great price

Built way better than standard tie rod ends. Will hold up a long time

Looks good right out of the box I have multiple oil leaks and I'm currently acting out repairs can't wait to install the kit so far I'm very satisfied with it

No difference in overall handling

Bought this thinking it would improve my trucks handling when towing or everyday driving and help with steering wheel play. Hardly any difference since installed.

Good Fit

On alignment rack as I am typing

Awesome customer support!!

Had some issues initially with my set up had multiple conversations with several staff members at apex over the phone and all were very knowledgeable and helpful. Got a 1 ton flip kit and couldn’t be happier with the set up!!

Fixed the dreaded death wobble

This kit was masterfully put together. The packaging was thought out and packed properly. Assembly was very easy and installation was simple. Steering was returned to factory feel but with 37’s.

DC104 - Fox ATS Stabilizer Clamp, Zinc, 2 Inch ID
Abdur Karowaliya (Sugar Land, US)

DC104 - Fox ATS Stabilizer Clamp, Zinc, 2 Inch ID