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IA107 - Chevy/GMC HD Idler Arm
Bobert (Chicago, US)
Chevy/GMC HD Idler Arm

Part worked great! I am leveled out on 33" x 12.5" tires in a 2005 Chevy Avalanche with 4.10s no steering shake at high speed cruising. Alignment stays tight while off-roading through deep mud, snow, rock, dunes, etc...

Like a New Jeep!

I was getting the wobble around 42 and 65 mph. After installing this track bar, it is like night and day! I think I forgot what it should feel like since I had gotten used to navigating the wobble. Thank you!


Pretty good. Steering stabilizer is way too close to front differential with this setup and rubs.

DC108 - Standard Stabilizer Clamp, Zinc, 1.5 Inch ID
Scott E. Hasselback (Clayton, US)
Right hand drive.

Easy to install. Easy to adjust. No wheeling, but a daily 100 mile mail route. Good people to deal with.

DC104 - Fox ATS Stabilizer Clamp, Zinc, 2 Inch ID
Lucas Boyd (Cabo San Lucas, MX)
Pretty good!

Nice product and great quality. I bought the ants steering stabilizer adapting clamp with the kit. Even with that, the steering stabilizer rubs my front differential when turning. I wish that wasn’t the case but other than that, great product.


I tried to release my hand on the steering wheel when I crossed the bump.
You've definitely gotten more straightforward.

These guys have their business figured out!!!!!

I haven’t had a chance to get off-road.
Fast shipping, great packaging,
Won’t be worrying about stock jl steering any more

Just installed

All I have to say is. What a difference from the stock front end

Very nice

Good part

Excellent Kit

I just installed this kit and my steering feels stronger, highly recommended

A must for your F360

This was the finishing touch on my truck. I finally have steering components to match the high-quality aftermarket Carli suspension on the rest of the truck.


The quality of the components of this kit is impressive. Regarding the instructions, the logical side of my brain assumes the end of the tie rod and the end of the drag beam marked with the left hand threads would both be installed on the same side of the vehicle. This makes the the tie rod backwards and wouldn’t fit that direction anyway, but it caused some consternation and wasted time on my part. Clarification in the instructions regarding this would be helpful. However, the company’s phone was answered right away and the gal on the line was quite knowledgeable and helpful. Kudos for customer service! Probably way overkill for my build, but preparing for the future!

DC153 - Standard Stabilizer Clamp, Black, 2 Inch ID

Two things about the clamp, maybe three…

1. It would be nice if there were instructions about how to install the clamp. The thread locker on the clamp that comes with the Falcon Nexus is pretty stout.

2. The spacers that come for use between the clamp and where it mounts on the stabilizer could be explained a bit. Or, the clamp could be made with a neck like the original clamp has, but thats probably not possible with the type of material the clamp is made from, so perhaps not appplicable.

3. The biggest headache is the fact that the threads for the bolts are in the bottom half and not the top. Would be SO much easier to mount the clamp on the tie rod if the bolts installed from the bottom.

KIT175 - Ford F250/350 17-22 HD Steering Kit
Lance Johnson (Portland, US)
Top notch High quality

If you have a lifted truck or oversize tires this is mandatory equipment. The parts are of excellent quality and design an absolute must have to replace the substandard OEM equipment.

Best Steering Setup Out There

My experience with Apex Chassis has been A++ from start to finish. Dawnette and Joe were an absolute pleasure to do business with. As for the products themselves, I don't think there are better steering components for my application (Jeep JT). 10/10 recommend to anyone looking to beef up their steering. When it is time to replace my ball joints, I will not think twice about giving Joe a call!

Thanks, Travis!! Super happy we got you sorted, and you're loving the steering!

Thanks VERY much for being an Apex customer!


JK 2.5Ton Tie Rod Assembly - Black Aluminum?

This thing looks tough.

Apex in the Diesel Rubicon Gladiator

Awesome quality, easy install, and the ninja washers are super smart! Made the steering super responsive.

It’s the best

I first saw this at jeep beach week in Daytona.
It took me almost a year to purchase.
My 2012 Jeep now drives like a new one.
Wished I had bought it sooner !

LW402 - Ninja Lock Washer - 1 1/4" - QTY 4
Nicholas Sablan (Stockton, US)

LW402 - Ninja Lock Washer - 1 1/4" - QTY 4

Extremely Beefy

Zero tolerance in the joints and these bars are straight up beefy

Robust steering stabilizer clamp for a robust toe bar

Great steering stabilizer clamp for the Apex steel toe bar 1.75 inch for falcon 2.1 / 2.2. Install is pretty straightforward just take your time by slowly and systematically tightening up the six bolts around the clamp for a nice snug fit. Fit the bill just right to get my stabilizer up and out of the way. Make sure to check your particular build which may require an additional attachment point for the axle end of your stabilizer. Only reason for a 4 star is the added cost of additional parts. Highly recommend the end result is worth it!

Outstanding ball joints!

Best ball joints in the industry. Stiff at first which require some break in time or an excuse to trail em. Very solid feel and improvement to the feel of steering wheel after install. Tip: get a needle adapter for your grease gun the zerks are well recessed but may be tricky with a standard grease gun tip.